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Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's the latest update with Google search results?

What do you like the most about being on Google+? If you're like me, you would not want to ignore the fact that Google+ plays a key role in bumping up your search rankings. Authorship in Google search results is one of the primary reasons that authors and media folks are on Google+. What can be a better chance to spike up your traffic results than having your face and name right next to your articles? Profile picture of the author defines authenticity and serves as a way to increase your authorship ranking in the search results. Sigh, that is no longer an option. We hear you, all the efforts and trouble in getting your webmaster account verified to display the picture next to your article is a vain!

Google News Search result showing authorship information
In the latest update released by Google, webmaster trend analyst John Mueller has announced that Google will no longer be displaying the pictures and will remove the pictures from the search results. But not to worry, the author name and Google + profile will be displayed in the search results. Also, the information on number of circles linked to author's profile will also be stripped.

The argument proposed by Google's John Mueller is this change will increase the click-through rates.

Since the authorship was introduced in 2011, Google has released number of updates to help the quality content writers. We are surprised by this update and puzzled about the reasoning behind this update. Though we do not question Google's reasoning behind this, it's just going to be another challenge to combat for the SEO community.

Let us know your comments about this update!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Have you implemented these SEO tips?

Howdy! Guess, all of you out there are enjoying the winter and staying in warm! We are out of our hibernation mode and can't wait for the spring to come.

It's a no brainer that SEO is one of the vital elements that is driving Online Marketing today. Can't recall a single day where the day passes without the search.

Do any of these ring a bell?

a. When you are contemplating on the strategy of your website design, are you designing it based on the idea that site will offer an unique experience for several categories of your target audience?
b. Keywords. Keywords. Keywords: Before you get on to the copy stage, ensure to have all the keywords in place and write a copy with relevant text. Try not to flood your content with keywords, keep the flow natural so that users are engaged throughout the dialog
c. Every page should have an unique title, unique topic, unique meta description, anchor text for every link
d. Small business thrives on call to action elements. Ensure to include these in every page, so that there is a higher chance of conversion
e. More than your advertising dollars, your site is the prime point where all the conversion happens! Remember this before spending your next penny, so that your Google ranking can spike up.

Hear from the Google experts on SEO tips in less than 10 minutes

Tell us your experience on implementing a SEO strategy for your client or the SEO problem that you want to address!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's hot in the Android app market?

We decided to target the Android lovers, this week. AppBrain tells us that there are over 54,8644 total number of apps in the Android market. Top categories are Entertainment, Personalization, Books&Reference, Tools and Lifestyle.
After browsing the apps, listed in various categories, we decided to take a look at the apps that are hot in the market today. Thought, you might find it interesting too and have shared the top list of 5 apps that are hot in the market today. We've only included the apps that can be downloaded for free.

Contract Killer 2:

For the Game lovers, Glu Mobile has this 'Contract Killer 2'. This comes from the same company who had developed Eternity Warrior, Frontline Command. If you've played those, you certainly shouldn't wait to try 'Contract Killer 2'. One of our friends checked it out and really seemed to like it!

The rating for this app is 5.00.

Farm Story: Halloween

Right from theme of recent South Park episode that was aired this week to apps that are mostly downloaded, it's Halloween everywhere! To add to the festivity, #1 free farm game is back to the Google Play Store with it's Halloween edition. If you are a lover of farm games, you should certainly check this out.

The rating score for this app is 5.00. Total number of ratings is 4.


If you cherish playing games that involves saving the city of Los Angeles, pumped up with action, cartoon style that is inspired by a Hollywood setting, you certainly will want to play this game. Wear your suits, get ready to bust some real action teamed up with Hollywood Celebrities with a single click from Google Play store. 
61 People have rated this and the current rating is 4.54.

Free Movies:

What can be an enthralling experience, to download movies or educational videos for free on your Android phone or tablet?. You can download full movies, documentaries, concerts of genre ranging from Pop, Rock, Metal, Courses (Java, PHP, etc.,). As this does not support Flash, the app is very fast in terms of loading. We have already downloaded this app. Hands down, this is our pick of the day

194 people have rated this and App stands with a number of 50,000 downloads rating of 4.50

AIDE - Android Java IDE:

If you are an app developer and looking for an alternative to develop your app on real Android devices, without your laptop, this would be a great resource. AIDE transforms your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. It is completely compatible with Eclipse projects.
Total number of downloads for this app is more than 250,000. Total number of ratings are 4380 with a rating score of 4.62.

Based on the review comments, we certainly can see that developers seem to love this app .

Which app did you download, recently? Tell us more about the Android app that you like the most? 

Was this useful? Let us know more in the comments below!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

20 ideas for inbound content marketing

20 ideas for inbound content marketing:

If you had not been living in a cave for months, you certainly would have heard the significance of content in online marketing and impact in social media. Lately, with the Google’s effort to penalize the sites with duplicate content, content marketing has become one of the important factors to consider.

If you are a content manager, you are certainly in one of the hot seats. You will have to know the latest trends and keep the content fresh, lively and engaging. Well, it does not stop with just creating the content. You also will have to come up with creative ways to promote the content, to generate leads for your business.

Are you perplexed by the thought of generating fresh content, for all the days of a week. Have you spent hours, just thinking about the topics to blog about? Well, hang in there, it is just natural to feel that way. We have listed a set of content ideas to inspire you. These are mostly generic and does not apply to a particular industry or vertical.


1.    Out of 10, 9 of us are hit by Monday blues. It is better to start the week in an interesting way. Monday Memes are the best way to start a week. Create a cartoon or an infographic based on an industry statistic or your own research

2.    Also, some people like to start the week in a philosophical tone. You can also include funny or meaningful quotes, that are relevant to your industry


3.    If your company does not have a video about the services, think about creating one. You can also create video content, to be added to your YouTube channel

4.    Be informed about the latest trends in your industry. Write a blog post on the recent innovation or any tool, that can help your business


5.    Midday of the week can hit you. You might be lost in a trail of thought, where you are searching for a purpose. This can be the best time to write a ‘how-to’ guide or tips about accomplishing a particular task or achieving a milestone in your industry

6.    Go to sites like Quora, Keyword Questions, Yahoo answers and search about the commonly asked questions in your industry. Discuss with your team members and answer with the solutions. If you are blessed with extra time, you can also write a blog post, about your experience

7.    Offer a list of advantages or pros of doing a particular task for the business

8.    You can also discuss about the common mistakes in your industry and offer the ways of avoiding them.


9.    You are almost at the end of the week, might want to give your gray cells, a little rest. This might be the best day to recycle the existing content and come up with fresh insights. You can take an article or a statement issued by an industry leader and discuss with your community. For example, the Matt Cutts statement on duplicate content can be taken and discussed with your community after adding your opinions about it.

10.    You can also look for white papers or eBook in your industry and share it with your community

11.    If you have attended an event, conference or webinar, you can share your excerpts

12.    Based on your industry research, you can create a survey and share it with your audience. Once the results are obtained, an infographic can be created.

13.    If you are constantly looking out for your industry updates, you will have a list of emerging trends and trends to watch. You can create a blog post on this and share with your community
14.    To keep you inspired, you can browse for the trending videos or posts in your industry. You can share this with your community, with your opinions


15.    Not to mention, this is one of the happiest days of the week. To keep the refreshed spirit, it is best to refrain from negativity and focus on things that can be done to improve the results for the next week. Add a post on recap or important events that happened in the week

16.     Create a list of FAQ’s that your community can refer to

17.    Ensure that all questions asked on social media platforms are answered

18.    It might be the best time to understand your competition. For twitter, you can use tool FollowerWonk and SocialBro

19.    Try to give more life to your content by adding more pictures and videos

20.    Engage with your community with #FollowFriday by asking them questions or opinions on a topic. Create a blog post based on the tweets aggregated from Storify

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15 beautiful Facebook Cover Pages

15 beautiful Facebook Cover Pages:

Facebook can never go out of business, just because of the fact that all of us love to see, the happenings and events in our friends’ lives. As long as the curiosity in human minds exists, Facebook will too. More than the status updates, it is about the photos that are posted. No wonder, a photo shared on Facebook has three times more the number of visits than the content. Same logic applies to Facebook cover photos. Cover photo is where, our eyeballs hit first. Like a well-thought out logo, it’s imperative to have an impressive Facebook cover photo.

As I was browsing for ideas and inspirations from the leading brands for their Facebook cover photos, found great designs, that really stands out in terms of creativity, consumer engagement and design.

Top brands like UNO, McDonald's,Oreo are illustrating their customer engagement through the cover pages. Brands like Subway, MTV, Burberry, NIKE football are illustrating their new products or shows through the cover pages.

Below are the ones that enticed me and might interest you, if you are looking for an idea to create your Facebook cover page. Take a look at this and let us know your favorites, in the comments below.

1. Youtube:

2. UNO:

3. Subway:

4. Pringles:

5. Pixar:

6. Oreo:

7. Nike Football:

8. MTV:

9. Monster Energy:

10. Mcdonalds:

11. Dr. Pepper:

12. Dove:

13. Burberry:

14. BMW:

15. Angry Birds:


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