Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15 beautiful Facebook Cover Pages

15 beautiful Facebook Cover Pages:

Facebook can never go out of business, just because of the fact that all of us love to see, the happenings and events in our friends’ lives. As long as the curiosity in human minds exists, Facebook will too. More than the status updates, it is about the photos that are posted. No wonder, a photo shared on Facebook has three times more the number of visits than the content. Same logic applies to Facebook cover photos. Cover photo is where, our eyeballs hit first. Like a well-thought out logo, it’s imperative to have an impressive Facebook cover photo.

As I was browsing for ideas and inspirations from the leading brands for their Facebook cover photos, found great designs, that really stands out in terms of creativity, consumer engagement and design.

Top brands like UNO, McDonald's,Oreo are illustrating their customer engagement through the cover pages. Brands like Subway, MTV, Burberry, NIKE football are illustrating their new products or shows through the cover pages.

Below are the ones that enticed me and might interest you, if you are looking for an idea to create your Facebook cover page. Take a look at this and let us know your favorites, in the comments below.

1. Youtube:

2. UNO:

3. Subway:

4. Pringles:

5. Pixar:

6. Oreo:

7. Nike Football:

8. MTV:

9. Monster Energy:

10. Mcdonalds:

11. Dr. Pepper:

12. Dove:

13. Burberry:

14. BMW:

15. Angry Birds:

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