Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's hot in the Android app market?

We decided to target the Android lovers, this week. AppBrain tells us that there are over 54,8644 total number of apps in the Android market. Top categories are Entertainment, Personalization, Books&Reference, Tools and Lifestyle.
After browsing the apps, listed in various categories, we decided to take a look at the apps that are hot in the market today. Thought, you might find it interesting too and have shared the top list of 5 apps that are hot in the market today. We've only included the apps that can be downloaded for free.

Contract Killer 2:

For the Game lovers, Glu Mobile has this 'Contract Killer 2'. This comes from the same company who had developed Eternity Warrior, Frontline Command. If you've played those, you certainly shouldn't wait to try 'Contract Killer 2'. One of our friends checked it out and really seemed to like it!

The rating for this app is 5.00.

Farm Story: Halloween

Right from theme of recent South Park episode that was aired this week to apps that are mostly downloaded, it's Halloween everywhere! To add to the festivity, #1 free farm game is back to the Google Play Store with it's Halloween edition. If you are a lover of farm games, you should certainly check this out.

The rating score for this app is 5.00. Total number of ratings is 4.


If you cherish playing games that involves saving the city of Los Angeles, pumped up with action, cartoon style that is inspired by a Hollywood setting, you certainly will want to play this game. Wear your suits, get ready to bust some real action teamed up with Hollywood Celebrities with a single click from Google Play store. 
61 People have rated this and the current rating is 4.54.

Free Movies:

What can be an enthralling experience, to download movies or educational videos for free on your Android phone or tablet?. You can download full movies, documentaries, concerts of genre ranging from Pop, Rock, Metal, Courses (Java, PHP, etc.,). As this does not support Flash, the app is very fast in terms of loading. We have already downloaded this app. Hands down, this is our pick of the day

194 people have rated this and App stands with a number of 50,000 downloads rating of 4.50

AIDE - Android Java IDE:

If you are an app developer and looking for an alternative to develop your app on real Android devices, without your laptop, this would be a great resource. AIDE transforms your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. It is completely compatible with Eclipse projects.
Total number of downloads for this app is more than 250,000. Total number of ratings are 4380 with a rating score of 4.62.

Based on the review comments, we certainly can see that developers seem to love this app .

Which app did you download, recently? Tell us more about the Android app that you like the most? 

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