Monday, February 25, 2013

Have you implemented these SEO tips?

Howdy! Guess, all of you out there are enjoying the winter and staying in warm! We are out of our hibernation mode and can't wait for the spring to come.

It's a no brainer that SEO is one of the vital elements that is driving Online Marketing today. Can't recall a single day where the day passes without the search.

Do any of these ring a bell?

a. When you are contemplating on the strategy of your website design, are you designing it based on the idea that site will offer an unique experience for several categories of your target audience?
b. Keywords. Keywords. Keywords: Before you get on to the copy stage, ensure to have all the keywords in place and write a copy with relevant text. Try not to flood your content with keywords, keep the flow natural so that users are engaged throughout the dialog
c. Every page should have an unique title, unique topic, unique meta description, anchor text for every link
d. Small business thrives on call to action elements. Ensure to include these in every page, so that there is a higher chance of conversion
e. More than your advertising dollars, your site is the prime point where all the conversion happens! Remember this before spending your next penny, so that your Google ranking can spike up.

Hear from the Google experts on SEO tips in less than 10 minutes

Tell us your experience on implementing a SEO strategy for your client or the SEO problem that you want to address!

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