Saturday, June 28, 2014

What's the latest update with Google search results?

What do you like the most about being on Google+? If you're like me, you would not want to ignore the fact that Google+ plays a key role in bumping up your search rankings. Authorship in Google search results is one of the primary reasons that authors and media folks are on Google+. What can be a better chance to spike up your traffic results than having your face and name right next to your articles? Profile picture of the author defines authenticity and serves as a way to increase your authorship ranking in the search results. Sigh, that is no longer an option. We hear you, all the efforts and trouble in getting your webmaster account verified to display the picture next to your article is a vain!

Google News Search result showing authorship information
In the latest update released by Google, webmaster trend analyst John Mueller has announced that Google will no longer be displaying the pictures and will remove the pictures from the search results. But not to worry, the author name and Google + profile will be displayed in the search results. Also, the information on number of circles linked to author's profile will also be stripped.

The argument proposed by Google's John Mueller is this change will increase the click-through rates.

Since the authorship was introduced in 2011, Google has released number of updates to help the quality content writers. We are surprised by this update and puzzled about the reasoning behind this update. Though we do not question Google's reasoning behind this, it's just going to be another challenge to combat for the SEO community.

Let us know your comments about this update!

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